Convert PDF files into ZIP

Combine multiple PDF files into a one ZIP file for easy storage and sharing

PDF to ZIP Converter - Group PDF into Zip archive

If you want to convert your pdf files to ZIP archive, Use PDF to ZIP converter to export PDF files to ZIP format online. PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a common file format for transmitting documents while maintaining consistent layout across all devices. This conversion tool will parse the content of original PDF into corresponding data in ZIP format. This online archiver allows the multiple document files to compress into single ZIP file.

Just select the necessary pdf files from device and upload them. Use Drag and drop feature to arrange, swap into the proper order on the preview window. Un-necessary files can be deleted from the window. This tool offers Programmatic processing of PDF and ZIP files with high speed and professional quality of the result. When you click the download option, the pdf to zip converter will bundle up or group all of the PDF files into a single zip file and can be saved to your device.

You can also archive files with help of zipping software application, merging a pdf to a zip type can be done in the internet. Although you dont need any additional software to compress your files into a zip folder. Login or registration is not required. All of your files are destroyed after 1 hour. This pdf to zip transformer is totally secure and safe without third party access.